Chris Porcianko joined Vanishing Point in 1997 as the debut album, In Thought, was being released. When it was re-issued in 1998, the bonus track Inner Peace, featured Vanishing Point’s new guitarist, marking this as Chris’ first input with the band. The rest is history. Chris’ guitar work and ability to bring a sense of melody to the band is inarguably a great asset to Vanishing Point. Chris has written Vanishing Point’s fifth album entirely on his own, and is immensely looking forward to sharing it with the fans in 2012.

Chris can be heard in various prior projects including his previous band prior to Vanishing Point, Mindscape. Chris was the founding member of Mindscape and their music was best described as “Progressive Metal with a Hard Rock twist.” Their Reflections EP is now a rare item and sought after by collectors in the Progressive Rock / Metal genre.

Chris also contributed a guitar solo to Australian Melodic Metal heavy-weights Lord on their song, Be My Guest (instrumental). This can be found on their Set in Stone album. Chris also contributed a guitar solo part for the first album for Empires of Eden titled Songs of War and Vengeance which is a project formed by famed guitar player Stu Marshall. Chris appears in a small guitar solo part for the track Dark Religion.

In between writing music for Vanishing Point, Chris occasionally composes music for his own sanity which is best described as “classical, instrumental, atmospheric piano work.” He hopes to one day release this for fans of Vanishing Point as well as anyone else who enjoys ambient music. You can listen to / download for free some of Chris’ music at Chris’ Soundcloud.

Chris has a wide taste in music enjoying everything from Yanni, Tori Amos, Queensrÿche, Death, Secret Garden, Loreena McKennitt, Clannad to many Progressive, Death, Black Metal bands as well as AOR bands.

Chris uses Ibanez guitars exclusively, Hughes and Kettner amplification, DSL guitar straps and Jim Dunlop “Big Stubby” 2mm guitar picks.

Email Chris: chris (a) vanishing-point dot com.

 Ibanez  Hughes & Kettner DSL Dunlop