James “Bushy” Maier has been playing guitar for years that brings with him a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and technical ability within his playing skills.

He was asked to join Vanishing Point after a series of auditions and questions from the existing members of the band who took to his quiet manner, good hearing with his quick skills in improvising and his willingness to create melodic music with ease.

James was previously a member of Melbourne Thrash / Death Metal band Drop Forged.

His influences of music/genre include: Dream Theater, Angra, Devin Townsend, Bumblefoot, Megadeth, Symphony X, Nevermore, Sikth, Chimpspanner as well a classical music no other than the great Chopin.

James’ gear of choice is Ibanez guitars, Brock guitars (which he uses a custom 8 string), Line 6 and Fractal Audio Systems (Axe Fx II).

Email James: james (a) vanishing-point dot com.

James 02