Canberra and Sydney Cancellation

  • May 30, 2022

Hey everyone, we just wanted to give you all a quick update.

Firstly, thank you goes out there to everyone who came and saw us play live in Brisbane for the first time in 6 years, we sincerely appreciate you all making the effort to come out and see us play as well as the awesome support bands being The Stranger and Seraphic.

Secondly and most importantly, it is with regret and sadness to inform you all that the dates penciled for this coming weekend for Canberra and Sydney are cancelled.

If anyone feels a little average from the Brisbane show please get tested.

As of this morning 3 of the members of Vanishing Point have tested positive to COVID-19.

When we undertook this tour after 3 failed attempts because of the pandemic we understood that we were taking a risk yet we persevered as we really wanted to get back out there with a bang and see you all, in a sense we had a chance to see many of you guys and you all had a chance to see us play live after all this time, we thank you all for your support.

What happens from now on ? Simply we will be focusing on recording the new album PLUS we will be also focusing on playing live more when the time comes, no more long breaks.

We have to make a special mention also to Bailey and the team at Destroy All Lines for their efforts in booking this tour, our crew, our merch sellers , the support bands and most importantly our friends and fans who made the first four shows such a wonderful experience.

Be well , stay healthy and we will be back REAL soon, we promise :)